Equipment For Traffic Signal Light

 We come across traffic signals on a daily basis and we can observe our life following these signals to avoid any mishap or regulatory penalty. These traffic control equipment helps to shape traffic on road autonomously and with innovation in technology, these traffic control equipment Melbourne are also getting advanced and self-operated. But these traffic signals will only work when the right traffic equipment will be used.  The definition of right traffic equipment is which can communicate the required message to the public and withstand the extreme conditions of the environment.  For example, here we will discuss traffic control equipment used in Traffic Lights.

We have all seen and follow the traffic lights on Road and everyone is aware of colors (Red, Yellow, Green) used for signaling traffic. The equipment used for traffic signal lights if consists of the following parts

  • Traffic Signal Controller
  • Signal Heads
  • Signal Pole and Support

Traffic Signal Controller

The traffic signal controller works as a brain in the signal’s functionality. It consists of computer circuits integrated in a way to control the signal’s time and delay, as programmed. The desired delay for each light will be set up at the time of the controller installation. Then the controller will work on a perpetual basis with the same time delay as long as it is reconfigured. Nowadays these controllers are also attached to the central traffic controlling unit where people can modify the configuration of these signals online. With this traffic controlling unit can modify the signal’ timings as per traffic flow. Even many controllers have a self-configuration feature which can auto-configure the timings as per traffic flow. But the information for traffic flow will be received to the controller through detectors which are mostly placed at the intersection of road underground or in the pavement

Signal Head

This can be said as the face of Traffic signal lights. These signal heads made of strong structural materials having LEDs or other light-emitting devices. These Signal heads are connected to the traffic signal controller and all the signaling mechanism will be handled automatically. These Signals heads are designed in a sort that can withstand extreme weather conditions and their visibility will not be affected by heavy rain. These signal heads are powered by electricity but now solar energy is also used for powering these signal heads. Check this link to find out more details.

Signal Pole and Support

The signal pole is the structure that supports the signal head. These signal poles are made of hard materials. The dimensions of signal poles are specifically designed according to the area where it will be installed. Most of the time they are painted with patterned stripes or color to identify them from distance. These poles are made of a material that can withstand extreme conditions and also can bear the impact of accidents. The placement of poles plays a crucial role in their visibility and their effectiveness is completely dependent when it can be visible from all directions.