Tribal Communication System

aboriginal art

The modern human beings send each other EMOJIS and think that they are quite modern and different from their predecessors. However, the truth is that the early human beings were very much like the same in a lot of ways. For one thing the earliest people live in tribes just like the people like to gather into a hash tag community or be a part of a messaging group. For others, the people who are working with the best of their ability are able to make sure that they would keep working for moving forward and make the best of their work as they are keeping in line with the same products that they are bound to seek. Just like EMOJIS that ancient people had traditional aboriginal art to express themselves. This is a time when the early humans had not come up with the idea to write down their languages into words and symbols. Therefore, they were able to make the most of their artwork and communicate their stories with their fellow human beings and the next generations to come.

New and Old Artworks

The artists that were chosen by the tribe were the only people who were authorized to create these artworks and they would make sure that they have the right option to keep working on new stories from the elders. The educations for the artists were ensured by working under the wing of an old person who has experience in the said field. There were many great cultural aboriginal art pieces that were completed in the span of many years and contributed by several artists. The artist from one tribe did not have the permission to copy or remake the work of artists from other tribes. Inside the tribe the artists would have to gain permission from the elders whose stories and events they were depicting in their artwork pieces. They look to find different ways to make their art pieces more interesting and used to connect it with history.

At the outside it seems a clutter of dots and lines but the reality and depth of these artistic symbols is much deeper than that. When the white men were taking over the Australian territory, the indigenous people of the region were worried that their artwork and secret wisdom would be stolen. Therefore, they added many new elements like double dots to their native traditional aboriginal art to safeguard their ancient history and wisdom that has been passed down from generations.  Today, these sacred artworks from the aboriginal people are put on a display in the museums to make sure that everyone can enjoy them and learn from the early days of mankind.