Naughty Kids? Read 3 Things Any Experienced Parent Will Swear By!

Struggling with kids who wont listen to you? Well, all parents are not the same, so are all the kids! But there are some things that will help you get your kids to actually listen to you!Read below for some useful tips and pointers that you need to keep in mind!

Understanding their patterns

Each and every child is different. Even among your own children you will find that they are very different in attitude and personality. They will each have different patterns and reactions to various things. So in order to make them listen to you, you need to first understand what kind of a child he or she is! For instance, if your child is someone who throws tantrums at the slightest thing then you will need to use a different strategy compared to a child who only throws a tantrum occasionally!luxury car hire Sydney

A NO remains a NO at all times

Most parents believe, that the biggest mistake a parent can make is to agree to do something that they first refused to do. For instance, if you are shopping at a mall and your kid points at something that they wouldn’t even use, you are probably going to say no! but once you say no, your child will not let it go without a fight! So if you agree to buy that particular thing after their crying or fit of tantrums, they will realize that this is the way they can control you. So, instead of backtracking your no, try to calm them down by either getting them something else or promising to take them else where. But don’t ever give in to their tantrums. It will only make them throw more! Stop doing everything they say, because the next time they might point at a luxury car hire Sydney board and you to take them in it!

Reply as calmly as possible

Maintaining your cool is the best reply to your kids. Most of the parents that we spoke to, agreed that children try to get them angered when things don’t go as they planned. This will only make matters worse. Because they will be controlling you! Instead maintain your calm. Respond to their every request as calmly as possible. Even if they don’t listen to you in something avoid triggering their aggressive behaviour by being aggressive! If they are supposed to get a school formal car hire as requested by the teacher, but you are unable to get it in the exact colour as they wanted. They will wait for an opportunity to throw a tantrum. So whatever they argue, you remain calm!


Bringing up children is definitely one of the most difficult tasks. Especially with all this technological advancements that have almost completely changed the way families worked! So, if you want to ensure that you bring up children who not only listen to you but also grow up to be model citizens, then you will need to give them a proper upbringing and an excellent environment to grow up in!