What To Watch Out For When Hosting An Event At A Non-traditional Setting

When it comes to planning an event, whatever it might be what makes or breaks it is the location. The setting of the event will help set the tone of the night and will go from there. While you have the option of going for the traditional settings such as reception halls and restaurants, something that will help set your even apart will be a non-traditional location that makes for a very interesting setting. But, when you do host an event at such a place, there are somethings you need to keep an eye out for and we have complied a small list of things that you should keep in mind when planning.


Non-traditional locations such as a botanical gardens wedding venue or a conservatory make the perfect setting for not only marriage ceremonies but for social get together as well. While the beautiful setting makes for a very unique choice, there might be some down sides such as insufficient power sources. All events take up different amounts of power depending on the type of festivities that take place. A party with a DJ or band, and lighting might take up more power than a quiet dinner under the starlight. Either way, the smart thing would be to have someone take a look at the location and the type of event and have them give you rough estimate on how much power you might use and then make the necessary arrangements. Visit this site http://atlanticgroup.com.au/venues/gardens-house/ to gain idea about botanical gardens wedding venue.


Whether it be unique corporate functions or otherwise, the thing with most non-traditional settings such warehouses, reconverted barns or libraries is that more often than not they come bare and if your event is for a more than 20 people, then chances are you are going to have to do some hiring. From suitable chairs and tables, to tableware, to plates and glasses, everything need be hired. So, they key to keeping it all under control is to hire the different items from the one particular vendor. With caterers, make sure they serve as well and if possible provide you with serving dishes. If serving alcohol, then hire a bartending solution company and have them take care of glasses.WashroomsOne thing most people forget is the washrooms. While some places have adequate number of washrooms for the guest, some places will not be able to cope the number of attendees. So, to make life easier and to cut the lines short, the smart move would be to hire a few portable units and have them equipped with luxury items to make it little bit classier than the usual stalls found at the local fair.