Online Dating: Problems And Pitfalls

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Online dating was popular before straight people had even begun to scratch the surface of the potential of online dating. However, while online dating is convenient and has numerous advantages for its users, many members of the LGBT community feel that there are many problems with gay dating sites. They have a number of very valid concerns with these sites, and have found themselves feeling disgruntled and disillusioned with gay dating websites.  

Although there are lovely stories of gay couples meeting and falling in love through dating Sydney singles, there are many more who are frustrated with the lack of people who want to commit to a serious long-term relationship. Those looking for a quick, short-term relationship are bound to find countless matches, but it is harder for those who want to settle down and focus on a long-term relationship to find someone with the same goals and plans as themselves. This can be demoralising and frustrating for users of these sites, so much so that some give up on online dating altogether.

Another concern is the surprising number of racist or unrealistic profiles. These profiles discriminate people based on race, attributes, and physical appearance. For those who believe that rejecting a person based on prejudice is wrong, and that such high physical standards are almost impossible to fulfil, become disillusioned with the idea that personality is important online. They believe that gay online dating is slowly beginning to promote the wrong ideals—that physical attributes are more important than the personality and morals of the individual. This sort of discrimination has even led to people of mixed ethnicities to hide their racial identity, so as to be accepted by the gay online dating community. Ashamed and disgusted with their racist fellow users, gays have spoken out against such discrimination, but are frustrated with the lack of change in this situation.

Meeting gay singles online may seem like a good idea, but if you are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, veterans of gay online dating would advise you to choose your sites and choose of match carefully. Many couples have found love with these sites, so it is all a matter of perseverance and caution. Be careful what sort of person you choose, and never try to change yourself to match the unrealistic expectations of some of the other users. For current users of gay online, be careful that you are not being discriminative or unrealistic in your expectations of your potential partner. Your perfect match could be someone you never dreamed would be right for you, and with the large pool of options to choose from, you don’t want to narrow yourself to a very select few. Gay online dating can be a good thing, as long as its users have open minds, open hearts, and a willingness to be honest and fair.  For best online dating advice, visit